Tier Ingredients
Materials needed to tier up. Showing 7088 of 56 items.
General InformationEconomy
Item tierMaterialAmountCostCost/MCost/%
  Tier 0Advanced Heavy Springs33.003.00100.0
 Accelerative Matrix Component 110.300.30100.0
0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF Tier 9Binary Energy211316.50329.16104.0
Tier 9 Component205287.00674.45235.0
Adomasite Ingot252453.60508.03112.0
Pile of Diamonds908454.00490.32108.0
Blazar Fragment60560.0659.9599000.0
A&P Series Brave Tier 1Blazar Fragment150.000.1599000.0
Tier 1 Component70.700.91130.0
Melchi Crystal190.760.78103.0
Pile Of Garnets71.051.10105.0
Lysterium Ingot371.111.17105.0
A&P Series Brave, Mentor Edition Tier 1Pile Of Garnets253.753.94105.0
Lysterium Ingot1263.783.97105.0
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