All Events: Halloween Mayhem 2013
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Start:Thursday November 7th, 00:00:00 UTC
End:Sunday November 24th, 23:59:59 UTC.
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Halloween Mayhem 2013!


Get ready for the most terrifying event in Planet Calypso history!


Fight your way through hordes of undead as you compete for the prizes in this year's Halloween event, featuring...


  •     A spooky haunted graveyard instance
  •     Two creepy new creatures and two new bosses


Special loot, including Halloween Candy, a consumable booster item

    … and lots of great prizes!


In this Mayhem style event, similar to the Feffox Mayhem event, you
will hunt in a solo instance and score points by looting and handing in Halloween pumpkins.
The Halloween pumpkins have been distributed in relation to creature
difficulty, so that hunters in all five instance levels have a fair
chance at scoring points in the event.

Extended endtime:

Due to the instance gate issues encountered during the first week, it
has been decided to extend the Halloween Mayhem event by 7 days. The new
end time for the event is: November 24, 2013, 23:59:59.

The Halloween Mayhem mission NPC will be operational after the
patch scheduled for 09:00 November 12, and has also been extended by one
week, until December 7, 2013, 23:59:59 to allow participants time to
hand in their looted pumpkins and register points for the event.



Halloween Mayhem Results


The Halloween Mayhem event was a big success, with over two million Zombie creatures slain by brave colonists trying to contain the horde, for a total of nearly 13 million PED in loot!


Comprehensive event statistics can be found below.


Thanks to everyone who participated in Halloween Mayhem 2013, and congratulations to all the prize winners!


Prize Winners

Place - Avatar Name - Points - Prize


  • 1st Place - Aurora Linzey Zamperath - 27373 - Modified Hedoc Mayhem
  • 2nd Place - Michael geats Platzgummer - 27061 - Improved Hedoc Mayhem
  • 3rd Place - Stoikow Stoikow Mudorow - 26617 - DOA Slugstorm
  • 4th Place - James Jimmy Stryker - 26499 - Omegaton M83 Predator
  • 5th Place - Jenna Star Mercury - 25994 - Emik Enigma L4
  • 6th Place - Warants Skalman Skalmansson - 24618 - CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.I
  • 7th Place - Joan Xperia Dárc - 23024 - Genesis ArcSpark
  • 8th Place - Qing-jao Rei Fei-tzu - 22733- Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem
  • 9th Place - Mrs Emma Peel - 21877 - Omegaton Igni L1000
  • 10th Place - MH Grave Digger - 21557 - 10 x Calypso Land Deeds
  • 11th Place - Vlad Dracula Tepes - 20728 - EWE LC-100 Frontier
  • 12th Place - Girts Smilgs Niedra - 19266 - Isis Project Zero-Three
  • 13th Place - Thor Thor Mighty - 17757 - Castorian Xeno-Dagger Scratcher
  • 14th Place - John Killer Pureheart - 17658 - Kilic Rex
  • 15th Place - Scott DoctorH Joel - 17527 - 5 x Calypso Land Deeds
  • 25th Place - liddle red gunzy ridinghood - 16017 - 1 Calypso Land Deed
  • 50th Place - Baron Baron Von Steuben - 11441 - 1 Calypso Land Deed
  • 100th Place - Mista Jagwarr Flayer - 7901- 1 Calypso Land Deed

Final Standings

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