All Events: Gold Rush 2015 Hunting Division
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Planet:Planet Arkadia
Start:30th October 2015
End:30th November 2015
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Gold Rush 2015 - Hunter Division

Event Starts : 30th October 2015 - 30th November 2015



Hidden within the loots is a set of Event Tokens. These tokens have
points allocated to each of them. These points are as follows. (one set
of tokens for each instance level)


  • Cat.1 Event Token - 1 Point
  • Cat.1 Event Token - 5 Points
  • Cat.1 Event Token - 10 Points
  • Cat.1 Event Token - 20 Points
  • Cat.1 Event Token - 50 Points
  • Cat.1 Event Token - 100 Points
  • Cat.1 Event Token - 500 Points
  • Cat.1 Event Token - 1000 Points
  • Cat.1 Event Token - 5000 Points

You will have to obtain the "Arkadia Gold Rush Category 1(2, 3, 4)"
mission from the IFN Terminal first before you will be able to enter
the Gold Rush instances. You can enter these instances how ever many
times you like during the Gold Rush and there is no key required to
enter, the mission itself acts as the key. Please note, that these
tokens cannot be traded. Once these tokens have been looted, the points
will be automatically counted towards the mission when you loot any of
the "Cat.1 Event Token - 1 Point" from within the instances.

Total score will be calculated based on hourly point averages to derive each participant's 65 hour normalized points.

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