All Events: Gold Rush 2015 Mining Division
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Start:30th October 2015
End:30th November 2015
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Gold Rush 2015 - Mining Division

Event Starts: 30th October 2015 - 30th November 2015


Attention Gold Rush Enthusiasts

The Gold Rush fever is upon Planet Arkadia once again. This years event
comes with fantastic prizes. You are invited to mine and dig up those
resources and supply the never ending demand of our extravagant


The rules are extremely simple. The player with the Highest Single Loot
(in PEDs) for the day during the course of the event will win the daily

If you are mining and using an Arkadian Terra Amp, and hit the Single Highest Loot for the day, you will win the daily bonus reward.

All mining MUST take place on Planet Arkadia or in the Arkadia Underground.

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