Armor: Ethereal Armor
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:14.1 kg
Stab:24 HP
Cut:30 HP
Impact:30 HP
Penetration:34 HP
Shrapnel:15 HP
Burn:42 HP
Cold:7 HP
Acid:7 HP
Electric:7 HP
Close:84 HP
Firearms:91 HP
Total:196 HP
Set TT:800.0 PED
Found on:Entropia Universe

Ethereal Armor up close and from a distance.

Utilizing cloaking field technology normally reserved for elite covert military operatives, the Ethereal armor suite represents the pinnacle of protection, comfort, and style.



This armor grants its' defensive stats while displaying the clothing items (or lack thereof) being worn by the avatar using it, from up close there is a very visible translucent red glow, robotic blue scanlines around edges, and red eyes.


From a distance, however, these effects become very subtle or impossible to see.

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