Armor: Viceroy Modified
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:8.6 kg
Stab:15 HP
Cut:14 HP
Impact:19 HP
Burn:16 HP
Cold:11 HP
Acid:19 HP
Close:48 HP
Firearms:16 HP
Total:94 HP
Set TT:400.0 PED
Found on:Planet Arkadia
Personal effect
Personal Effects:3 parts: +10% Evade; 5 parts: +15% Evade; 7 parts: +20% Evade & +1% Critical Hit Chance

Designed and created by William "Old Bill" Parsons, a former Lorika Tek engineer, this armour chassis set differs from other available sets by incorporating some of the same "Moonshine" modifications discovered in other unique equipment.


Whether it is genuine Smuggler equipment is yet to be determined, but since the armour is able to use the colony repair terminals, it is considered to be Unlimited.


It is an account bound item and cannot be traded.


Viceroy armor Upgrade



1 Full TT Viceroy Improved Part
1 Full TT Lupus (L) Part
2 Modified Nanites
100 Bismuth Plating
4 Zulax Ingot


Note: You will lose all tiers on the armor piece that you upgrade


Item Set Effect

3 Parts: 10 Percent Evade

5 Parts: 15 Percent Evade

7 Parts: 20 Percent Evade
7 Parts: 1 Percent Increased Critical Hit Chance

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