Armor: Warrior
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:14.3 kg
Stab:5 HP
Cut:5 HP
Impact:5 HP
Penetration:2.5 HP
Burn:5 HP
Close:15 HP
Firearms:7.5 HP
Total:22.5 HP
Set TT:65.4 PED
Found on:Planet Calypso
K'Ger made the Warrior armor as a response to Chikara's Dragon armor-design. The Warrior-series is a very well engineered piece of protection, based on an energy-absorbing super-alloy weave. Instead of marketing this armor as an exclusive suit, K'Ger aimed directly for people living in a hostile world - the mercenaries and guns-for-hire. This group often demands alterations, something Chikara does not acknowledge. This fact has made the Warrior a prime choice with several local armor constructors to copy and enhance.

Rivals Pixie and Goblin for Beginner armour.

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