Mission Broker: Leo Phoenix, Twin Peaks Mission Broker
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Name:Leo Phoenix
Nearest City:Twin Peaks

Mission Chain

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PlanetNameObjectiveRepeatableRewardReward SkillsNearest CityRequired MissionAdded
Planet CalypsoBronze Challenge: Shinkiba/DaikibaKill 10000 Shinkiba or Daikiba of Old or higher maturityNoAgility (45 Tokens) and Perception (eq. 2.10 PED implant) or Agility (45 Tokens) and Weapons Handling (eq. 2.10 PED implant) or Agility (45 Tokens) and Aim (eq. 2.10 PED implant) or Agility (45 Tokens) and Athletics (eq. 1.25 PED implant) or Perception (eq. 13.63 PED implant) or Weapons Handling (eq. 13.63 PED implant) or Aim (eq. 13.63 PED implant) or Athletics (eq. 8.75 PED implant) Twin PeaksIron Challenge: 10000 Shinkiba11.9.4
Planet CalypsoIron Challenge: 100 ShinkibaKill 100 ShinkibaNoRifle (eq. 0.06 PED implant) or Handgun (eq. 0.06 PED implant) or Dexterity (eq. 0.06 PED implant) Twin Peaks11.2.5.5
Planet CalypsoIron Challenge: 500 ShinkibaKill 500 ShinkibaNoRifle (eq. 0.29 PED implant) or Handgun (eq. 0.29 PED implant) or Dexterity (eq. 0.29 PED implant) Twin PeaksIron Challenge: 100 Shinkiba11.2.5.5
Planet CalypsoIron Challenge: 1000 ShinkibaKill 1000 ShinkibaNoRifle (eq. 0.59 PED implant) or Handgun (eq. 0.59 PED implant) or Dexterity (eq. 0.59 PED implant) Twin PeaksIron Challenge: 500 Shinkiba11.2.5.5
Planet CalypsoIron Challenge: 5000 ShinkibaKill 5000 ShinkibaNoStrength (10 Tokens) and Rifle (eq. 0.38 PED implant) or Strength (10 Tokens) and Handgun (eq. 0.38 PED implant) or Strength (10 Tokens) and Dexterity (eq. 0.38 PED implant) or Rifle (eq. 2.94 PED implant) or Handgun (eq. 2.94 PED implant) or Dexterity (eq. 2.94 PED implant) Twin PeaksIron Challenge: 1000 Shinkiba11.2.5.5
Planet CalypsoIron Challenge: 10000 Shinkiba10000 Killpoints ShinkibaNoStamina (20 Tokens) and Rifle (eq. 0.75 PED implant) or Stamina (20 Tokens) and Handgun (eq. 0.75 PED implant) or Stamina (20 Tokens) and Dexterity (eq. 0.75 PED implant) or Rifle (eq. 5.88 PED implant) or Handgun (eq. 5.88 PED implant) or Dexterity (eq. 5.88 PED implant) Twin PeaksIron Challenge: 5000 Shinkiba11.2.5.5
Planet CalypsoThe Long MarchVisit Fort Troy Athletics (eq. 0.01 PED Implant) Twin Peaks11.2.5.5
Planet CalypsoThe Short CutVisit East Scylla Mountain Athletics (eq. 0.01 PED Implant) Twin Peaks11.2.5.5

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