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Owner:Tyr HardViking Nifelheim
Estate Area:Celeste South
Found On:Planet Arkadia

SHOP LOCATION: Celeste South #1  [Arkadia, 29843, 10000, 100, ARKADIA ARMOR - Celeste South 1]





Looking to upgrade your Viceroy armor all the way up to Viceroy Modified

Then you need some limited armor parts at full TT.

Shop is selling those parts at only 130% MU, and is stocked every few days normally.


Musca (L) parts to upgrade to Viceroy Adjusted

Canis (L) parts to upgrade to Viceroy Improved

Lupus (L) parts to upgrade to Viceroy Modified

Old Viceroy thread from Arkadiaforum.


Also selling full sets of Corvus (L), Hydra (L) and Ursa (L) at 125% MU.

Parts of Cetus (L), Aquila (L) and Pegasus (L) at 125% MU.


Shop is stocking both female and male versions of all armor. (Stock is set to 2 for each item due to that.)


Also some Viceroy materials, a few armor plates and odd armor parts and related materials stocked occasionally. But not much due to limited space in shop. 


If you need something special stocked in shop plz contact owner Tyr HardViking Nifelheim in game by pm.


<Shop info updated 2022-08-24>

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