Shop: Viking Mining
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Owner:Tyr HardViking Nifelheim
Estate Area:F.O.M.A - Fortuna Shops

Mining shop: Finders&Low LVL mining amps: [Asteroid, 70396, 70293, 267, Viking Mining - FOMA #16]


Also selling some space ship related items, like kismet laser, porcupine, repair tools, energy source etc.


More items in shop than listed below.


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TypeItemPropertiesAmountValueMarkupMarkupExpiresExpiration periodDelete
Misc. ToolArmament Device 1 (L)Full TT110025.00126.0024ResetDelete
FinderDSEC Seeker L12 (L)Full TT1   24ResetDelete
ExcavatoreMINE E (L)Full TT18519.00123.0024ResetDelete
Excavator Exhumer Mk1Full TT12.41.00 24ResetDelete
FinderFinder F-212 (L)Full TT1155.231.00120.0024ResetDelete
WeaponHeavy Porcupine HMAP-52 (L)Full TT    24ResetDelete
Weapon Kismet Light Laser (L)Full TT    24ResetDelete
Finder EnhancerMining Finder Depth Enhancer 1Full TT1086.00177.0024ResetDelete
Finder EnhancerFull TT25   24ResetDelete
Finder EnhancerMining Finder Depth Enhancer 2Full TT1086.00177.0024ResetDelete
Finder EnhancerMining Finder Depth Enhancer 3Full TT    24ResetDelete
Finder EnhancerMining Finder Depth Enhancer 4Full TT    24ResetDelete
ExcavatorRock Ripper 2 (L)Full TT1224.00119.0024ResetDelete
FinderROCTEC S16 Finder (L)Full TT    24ResetDelete
Finder Sabad Finder M2 (L)Full TT    24ResetDelete
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