Society: Freelancer
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Average HP:130.2
Average Total Skill:98670.3
Average Highest Skill:5031.2
A freelancer is a person whom does not have a society.
Freelancers are either newcomers to the world, or persons that made the choice to live by themselves.

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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
 Adam Loud Steele  PolandMiner,Crafter,Hunter    Port Atlantis
 Aislinn Downfall Findlay  RussiaHunter690915268216830-01-2007New Oxford
 Alexander Aeolus BlackAeolus Russia    10-02-2015Camp Icarus
 Alexander HegyiHegyi United Statescrafter   15-10-2006Port Atlantis
 Alfred Alfie SolomonsSolomons SwedenHunter 71000120 Calypso
 Altair Saren SheppardAltair United States 8818788 Port Atlantis
 Amico Mike SilverfallSilverfall FranceHunter     
 Arokh Arokh CindarArokh United KingdomHunter, Miner    Atlantis
 AshaAsha  Laser Pistoleer6486 15002-02-2005Port Atlantis
 Astral Darkwolf InoxDarkwolf Canada    21-12-2006Port Atlantis
 Avalon Avalon GallagherAvalon       Port Atlantis
Bagutta chesta Bonestormchesta United StatesCrafter663212457712006-01-2005Atlas Haven
 Bambuco BAM Vuitrago  United StatesHunter, Tailor535665301117 Port Atlantis
 Barney Tuffe StinsonTuffe Sweden 51508752613101-06-2010 
 baxarin baxarin baxarinbaxarin   9633204926197  
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