Version Update: 16.0.2
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Adjustments to new camera system, options added, issues fixed


  • Added a new tab called Camera under options with these added features. Check tooltip for additional information.
  • Far Vertical Offset
  • Near Vertical Offset
  • Maximum Distance
  • Locked Horizontal Speed
  • Locked Vertical Speed
  • Mouse Sensitivity
  • Distance Sensitivity
  • Added in-range feedback in the Stationary Weapon HUD.
  • Added an option for turning HIT crosshair animation off.
  • Updated the functionality of the vehicle crosshair.
  • Added feature “Locking Ignores View” option under Options/Gameplay where closest target is always selected for Lock Target. Attacking targets have priority.


  • The interact user interface will now show the right-mouse icon instead when in cursor mode.
  • Removed the extra zoom for ready mode.
  • Players will be able to cycle through mining claims with "Lock Target" if they have an excavator equipped.
  • Look Up and Look down actions are now back in the action library. For vehicles they will function as Pitch up and Pitch Down.
  • Removed minimum distance for lockable target.
  • Added more info in tooltip on items.(tiering, attachments and color for compare)
  • Looting now has a higher priority for Interact.
  • Reduced camera rotation speed for lock target.
  • Teleporters and teleport chips will now take your previous map size in consideration.
  • When navigating with mouse holding either left or right button is needed.
  • “Lock Target” range is now the same for all tools, 180m.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where dead creatures in space were not removed when looted.
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to keep using your weapon with broken attachments, while being unable to deal any damage.

Known Issues

  • Chomper textures are incorrect.
  • Enhancers can get stuck on tool if used to 0 TT value. Enhancers stuck on a limited tool will be lost if tool is sold to the trade terminal. This will be fixed in the next patch.

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