Version Update: 17.0.3
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:DirectX10 fallback, bug fixes


  • Event list is now again under main context menu -> system


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue that caused the screenshot action to give corrupted screenshots
  • Fixed an issue that caused some inventory icons to show up corrupted


DX11 Information:


For your computer to have DirectX 11 support, you need two components: the software, and compatible hardware.

The DirectX 11 API (the software component) usually comes by default with Windows.

You can check the version of the DirectX API installed on your computer by looking at your dxdiag, listed as DirectX Version.

The hardware component refers to your graphics card. Cards older than Nvidia's 400 GT series or AMD's HD 5000 series will come with an older version of DirectX and will not be compatible with DirectX 11, even if you have it installed.

If you're not sure which version of DirectX your graphics card supports, you can, as with the API version, check on your dxdiag. It will be listed as DDI Version on the Display tab.

If your graphics card supports DirectX 10, but you have the DirectX 11 API installed, you still only have DirectX 10 support.

Likewise if your graphics card supports DirectX11, but you only have the DirectX 10 API installed. You will always only have support for the older version between the two.


In this patch, fallback support for DirectX 10 is added. Essentially, this means that when the API detects that you have a graphics card that only supports DirectX 10, it will fall back to using DirectX 10.

However, this fallback may be removed in the future when we add graphical features that DirectX 10 cannot handle. If your graphics card does not support DirectX 11, we recommend upgrading to a newer card before the fallback support is removed.

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