Missions (discussion)

Does anyone know if all Iron challenge missions give exactly 1 attribute point? If so that can be added.

Witte (talk) - 28-09-2021 20:19:43
The ones we have currently add 1 exact point. Doesn't mean future missions don't, or that the system will be changed.
Hijacker27 (talk) - 28-09-2021 20:19:43

msissions have new reward. : 


1k atrox is

1.04 ped  evade/dodge/support weapon system and 25 agi token or

3.13 ped without the agi token


1k merp is 

1.31 ped weapon handling/aim


10k atrax is

9.25 Aim/combat ref/weapon handling and 100 Agi token


34.88 without the token


10k shin/daiki

0.75 rifle/handgun/dext and 20 stam token

5.88 without tokens


5k argo

1.56 perception/combat ref and 50 str tokens

14.38 without tokens


500 kret

1.64 Rifle/Handgun and 25 str tokens

0.52 melee combat and 25 str tokens

8.04 Rifle/hg without token

2.6 ped Melee combat sans tokens


firejuggler (talk) - 28-09-2021 20:19:43

I can't find a way to filter on "Completed". Does anyone know?

thegrey (talk) - 28-09-2021 20:19:43

I've noticed that a lot of the mission names are not the same as the in-game mission names. Especially for the Iron Challange missions.


For example:

Name on Entropedia: Iron Challenge: 500 Puny Creatures

In-game name: Iron Challenge: Puny Creatures Stage II


Is there a reason for this? Did the names in-game change, and Entropedia has not been updated?

peron (talk) - 28-09-2021 20:19:43
I tried to edit some missions. The reward information was empty and i just finished the mission and try to update missions table.
Unfortunately i can't open specifications edit page for any mission.

if there is a solution for editing mission data please let us know.
SpaceFeeler (talk) - 28-09-2021 20:19:43

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