Creature Maturity Levels (discussion)
If there is no damage listed in the table the decay for armor is listed as 0 which is obviously not correct.
Sometimes it can be deducted (e.g. if the mob does not do damage for which the armor protects or if the lower maturity already exceeds the max damge of the armor).
Otherwise it is probably best to leave it blank instead of giving 0

Dutchie (talk) 2007-03-02
No idea how the speed values are measured, but the given values (when compared to each other) do not all seem correct.

Dutchie (talk) 2007-03-02
I am working on this at this moment . I have just finished avarage damage and decay. 0 decay is indeed abit misleading, I will se what i can do about it. Updates will be uploaded soon. About the speed, it indeed seems bullox. I will hide the column for now.

ps. when you use "add" instead of "edit" you wil automaticly get a nice box with your name in the bottem when typing a message

Witte (talk) - 02-03-2007 12:42:52
Thanks for pointing to the add button (although it does not allow me to enter a comment that will show up in the latest updates page)

On-topic: when it comes to decay would it make sense to have a min decay and a max decay column ?
When it comes to weapons and mob damage I already found the dam numbers a little bit misleading, but if you e.g. know that a mob always does between 50-100% I could live with that (and for weapons it also depends on ones skills).
However here if you are overprotected min decay could be max decay.

Dutchie (talk) - 02-03-2007 12:50:47
I have just added an avarage decay option. It calculates the decay at 50%, 55%....95% 100%, adds it up and devides it by 11. I know this isnt 100% accurate, but to make it 100% accurate is going to be very complicated, involving integrals of which I have no idea how to use easely in C#. I also let the chart show nothing when the damage value is unknown.

I think the avarage decay and damage option makes showing the interval abit useless. But I can always add this if its realy wanted .

ATM the system assumes the armor takes damage first, and plates and armor decay work the same. But I will test this later on ingame. Any feedback is ofcourse welcome .

Witte (talk) - 02-03-2007 12:56:36
Here is a NOOB question. Why is it that an Atrax Provider can do 43 in damage to me, while I am wearing full Ghost suit, but yet in the "Damage/Armor Calculations," it says that the average damage will be 3.11???

Mortimer (talk) - 4/4/2007 8:51:19


Mortimer, I think you may have experienced a small armour bug, where your armour appears to be equipped on your avatar but it actually is not. A relog always either fixes this or shows your armour as unequipped.

AkiranBlade (talk) - 05-04-2007 16:24:56
I see the message that armor decay is investigated and damage-armor feature is disabled, but it was very usefull to find proper armor.
I track the investigation on EF and sure that difference will be non-valuable.

Can you enable the feature again, but may be with check box "I understand that is old data and can be wrong" ?

PS. Anyway huge respect for the great work

Wot (talk) - 27-12-2007 16:28:52
Mob vs Armor feature is activated again.

Witte (talk) - 29-12-2007 14:29:13
The decayformula is updated. The exact formula is:

Decay=((0.003 * (1-INT(Durability/10000) * .00005*(Durability-10000)) * Damage^1.75 + .05*Damage)*(1-.01*Durability/1000)

The basic formula is in black. The effect of durability is in green, and the effect of durability above 10000 is in red.

Tnx to coop for finding the formula. See EF for more info.

Witte (talk) - 02-01-2008 21:32:37
Added mindamage and armor condition settings.

Witte (talk) - 05-01-2008 15:04:40
Witte, I believe the Threat calculation should be modified. It is my understanding that the Intelligence value dictates how often the mob will hit you (dependant upon Evader/Dodger professional standing.)

Currently you can have things listed as a mediocre threat but in actuality, if you tried to hunt them, you'd get your ass handed to you on a plate. This is because the intel of the mob is high and it hits more often.

If you look at the mob level table and add the Agil. Intell. etc columns and then order by Intell. descending you can appreciate that hit ability of the mob. As far as I can see it looks about right.

So in my opinion the Threat calculation should become:

([HP] * [Max. Damage]) * [Intelligence]

AkiranBlade (talk) - 14-02-2008 11:55:54
Hitrate might have something to do with the attributes, but if so it will likely be a combination of several attributes. For example, SEG has a much higher intelligence than hogglo, still hogglo hits a lot more often. Only significant difference I can find between these two mobs is psyche, which is 5 times higher with hogs. Maybe its something like intel x psyche x strength?

Witte (talk) - 14-02-2008 16:12:53
You're probably correct there. Perhaps we could trial a new field with that calculation? Call it Threat2 perhaps?

See what it looks like for all mobs implemented?

AkiranBlade (talk) - 15-02-2008 14:53:43
How about adding a threat level column for each selected armor based on the protection provided? This would allow users to compare various mobs to those they are familiar with, and give them an idea of the relative difficulty with the same weapon/FAP setup. Making this a selectable function would also be nice, to save on space when not needed.

This could also be expanded by allowing a user to search for mobs by selecting their armor(s) and entering a threat range. The chart would bring up the mob types/maturities falling within the range.

Kaidon (talk) - 20-02-2008 02:02:53

Was just wondering if a damage protected/pec column could be added in for the armour vs mobs/weapons section, with the ability to add markup for L weapons. Shouldn't be too hard to do and it would be great for eco calculations. Thanks!

Hijacker27 (talk) - 26-09-2008 08:40:25

I will see what I can do . Although the markup for (L) guns seems pointless to me, so I dont think I will add that (unless you have a good argument)

Witte (talk) - 26-09-2008 09:31:00

I totally meant for (L) armour :P

Hijacker27 (talk) - 16-06-2024 02:09:34
Formatting for the attack type here should be done the same way as in "Creatures" chart.
Faalagorn (talk) - 16-06-2024 02:09:34

Could we have armour enhancers added to the armour vs mobs/weapons charts please :D

Hijacker27 (talk) - 16-06-2024 02:09:34

Can we have a new column for the mob's displayed Level in the Creature Maturity Levels chart pls Witte ?

Serica (talk) - 16-06-2024 02:09:34
Column added.
Witte (talk) - 16-06-2024 02:09:34

And can we now have the "danger level" column renamed to just "level" if it needs to be shown as it's obviously not a measurement of the mobs "danger"..

Mathias (talk) - 16-06-2024 02:09:34

for IFN challenge rewards


100 Monura Male = 2.4 PED Universal Ammo

500 Monura Male = 12 PED Universal Ammo


myinikki (talk) - 16-06-2024 02:09:34

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