Editing pages

You can create and edit any wiki page on PE WikiCharts. A wiki page is a page with the tab Article at the top left corner, like this article. It can also be an embedded page in the information page for chart items.


Edit a page

Click the Edit tab to start editing. Write the new content and click Preview to see how it looks. Click Save when you are done. See the Syntax section of this page for the syntax you can use. E.g. to link to other web pages, just type the URL.


Create new pages

To create a new page open the link:


www.entropiawiki.com/Page.aspx?page=(Page name)


Where (Page name) is the name of the new page. A template is created similarly:


www.entropiawiki.com/Page.aspx?page=Template:(Template name)



A special wiki syntax can be used when editing pages. Most syntax used is identical to the syntax used on Wikipedia. These are the supported syntaxes:

How to doEditor Wiki Code  Example Result
A new paragraphEnter<p></p>  
New line in a paragraph or boxShift+EnterEnter  
No wiki syntax Styles: No Wiki syntax<nowiki>Text</nowiki>  
LinksThe URL or [URL Custom name] to name it.[http://www.mindark.com MindArk]MindArk
Links to charts [[Chart:Chart ID]] or [[Chart:Chart ID|Custom name]] [[Chart:Mob]] Creatures
Links to items
[[Chart:Chart ID:Item ID]] or [[Chart:Chart ID:Item ID|Custom name]] [[Chart:Mob:1]] Aetherex
Links to info pages
[[Info:Chart ID:Item ID]] or [[Info:Chart ID:Item ID|Custom name]] [[Info:Mob:1|Flying creature]] Flying creature
Links to pages [[Page name]] or [[Page name|Custom name]] [[Armor Decay]] Armor Decay
Bold text
'''The text to make bold''''''text'''text
Italic text
''The text to make italic''''text''text

Styles: Heading

Styles: Subheading







* before each item in the list to make an unnumbered list. 

# before each item in the list to make a numbered list.

*Item one
*Item two
  • Item one
  • Item two

[[Image:Image ID]] original unaltered image.

[[Image:Image ID:Normal]] resized to a width of 250.  

[[Image:Image ID:Small]] resized to 180x120

[[Image:Image ID:Micro]] resized to 20x20 

Find the image in the Gallery or upload it.

Formulas <math>LaTeX formula</math><math>\sqrt\frac{1}{2}</math>
TablesRead more about creating tables on Wikimedia.{|
| Cell 1, row 1
| Cell 2, row 1
| Cell 1, row 2
| Cell 2, row 2
Cell 1, row 1 Cell 2, row 1
Cell 1, row 2 Cell 2, row 2
BoxStyles: Box<div class="NormalBox></div><div class="NormalBox>text</div>
Floating boxStyles: Floating box<div class="FloatingBox></div><div class="FloatingBox>text</div>
Template{{Template Name}}{{Template Name}}{{Example}}
Box 1
Box 2
Template with highlighted box{{Template Name|Highlight|Box name}}{{Template Name|Highlight|Box name}}{{Example|Highlight|Box 1}}
Box 1
Box 2

You can use HTML too, except these HTML tags:

TagUse instead
a[URL Name]
img[Image:Image number]
styleStyle attribute
linkno alternative
htmlno alternative
headno alternative
bodyno alternative
scriptno alternative

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