Markup is the extra value of any item in Entropia Universe above the value that is stated in the stats, commonly known as TT value. The markup value is the value that participants give to certain items, and is not guaranteed by MindArk. The markup value can either be in percent or in PED. For items that can not be repaired, such as (L) items and stackables, the percentage notation is used. For items that can be repaired, or do not decay, the PED notation is used.

The "Markup" column in the charts on Entropedia can be based on several sources. By default, the sources are the average of PEAuction and EntropiaBay. The most recent data from PEAuction and EntropiaBay is collected every 24 hours. Since PEAuction orĀ  EntropiaBaycan not always provide accurate data, it is also possible to enter a value manually. When editing a markup value, enter the source in the comment field.

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