Land Areas
Avatar-owned or society-owned Land Areas on Amethera. Showing 35 of 56 items.
General InformationOwnerTaxLocation
Deed NameLand NameTypeOwner TypeOwnerHunting TaxMining TaxContinentPlanetLon.Lat.
 Camp Crunk Land AreaAvatar5.005.00RocktropiaROCKtropia13210092700
 Cheri CoveCheri CoveLand AreaAvatarJon NEVERDIE Jacobs5.005.00Secret IslandROCKtropia3686420480
 CLUB NEVERDIECLUB NEVERDIELand AreaAvatarJon NEVERDIE Jacobs5.005.00Secret IslandROCKtropia3720719328
 Island Girl SpaIsland Girl SpaLand AreaAvatarJon NEVERDIE Jacobs5.005.00Secret IslandROCKtropia3720719328
 Isle of Lost Avatars Land AreaSociety3.993.00RocktropiaROCKtropia13458882311
 Mount PeleMount PeleLand AreaAvatarJon NEVERDIE Jacobs5.005.00Secret IslandROCKtropia3686420480
 Neverdie Champions ParkNeverdie Champions ParkLand AreaAvatarJon NEVERDIE Jacobs5.005.00Secret IslandROCKtropia3932122683
 Nuclear Blast Bomb Shelter Land AreaAvatar0.000.00RocktropiaROCKtropia13217696356
 ROCKtropia Hell Mine #01HELLLand AreaAvatar5.005.00HellROCKtropia3440022800
 ROCKtropia Hell Mine #02HELLLand AreaAvatar5.005.00HellROCKtropia3497522800
 ROCKtropia Hell Mine #03HELLLand AreaAvatar5.005.00HellROCKtropia3555022800
 ROCKtropia Hell Mine #04HELLLand AreaAvatar5.005.00HellROCKtropia3612522800
 ROCKtropia Hell Mine #05HELLLand AreaAvatar5.005.00HellROCKtropia3670022800
 ROCKtropia Hell Mine #06HELLLand AreaAvatar5.005.00HellROCKtropia3440021700
 ROCKtropia Hell Mine #07HELLLand AreaAvatar5.005.00HellROCKtropia3497521700
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