Available refiners. Used to create various refined materials from raw materials. To determine the decay of an item, see the guide "Calculate the decay of an item". Showing 22 of 56 items.
General InformationEconomySource
Chikara Refiner, Adjusted220.015242100.00 PED15520066.67Event
Chikara Refiner, Modified250.01341 30592376.92Event
Chikara Refiner MR200200.02316 6747843.48Old time
Chikara Refiner MR300210.02235 15431845.45Old time
Chikara Refiner MR400300.0248 23280050.00Old time
Demonic Refiner MK-I (L) 0.032 646633.33Crafted
Genesis Rookie OreRefiner (L) 0.110.01 89.09Mission
Genesis Star Basic Refiner200.0312 625832.26Calypso TT
Imperium Resource Refiner 1A 0.033 970033.33Old TT Cyrene
Imperium Resource Refiner B1210.022610.00 PED2727245.45Crafted
Initiate's Refiner 0.0312 625832.26Cyrene TT
NI Basic Refiner 0.0312 625832.26Next Island TT
NI Refiner New Settler Issue200.0311 322532.26Mission
PTech Refiner 1180.032500.00 PED646633.33Old TT Arkadia
PTech Refiner TT 0.0312 625832.26Arkadia TT
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