Land Area: Amethera Outback Land #65
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Land Name:Shinkiba Land
Type:Land Area
Owner Type:Avatar
Owner:Rufus Deathouse Dragon
Hunting Tax:3.90 %
Mining Tax:3.90 %
Planet:Planet Calypso
Lon.:39735 m
Lat.:45605 m



OLA 65 is the best place to hunt Shinkibas and achieve the missions !!!


Everyday, there are entropians who go hunting or mining on this land area.



Closest Teleporter is Wolverine Hope (37846 ; 46779).

Few minutes on foot, from this TP to the revival area visible on the map.


Most of the shinkis are stalkers, with some prowlers and old-alphas.



Amethera Outback Shed #65 owned by: Michael Bearlover Deede


Ressources which can be found at OLA 65



ORES: belkar, dianum, terrudite, lysterium, copper, xeremite


ENMATTERS: growth molecules, magerian mist, alicenicies liquid, typonolic steam, crude oil



Shinkiba Mission Chain


Starting Location: Twin Peaks
Quest Giver: Leo Phoenix, Twin Peaks Mission Broker    


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DNA Samples

DNA Samples used in the fertilizer of the Land Area.

ZoneDNA SampleNumbersMaturity 
OLA65Shinkiba DNA Samples1010Edit
Shinkiba DNA Samples1010Edit
Shinkiba DNA Samples1010Edit
Berycled DNA Samples1010Edit
Berycled DNA Samples1010Edit

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Known locations in this land area.

Calypso3973545605Land AreaAmethera Outback Land #65 

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