Refiner: Chikara Refiner, Adjusted
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:6 kg
Uses:22 /Min
Decay:0.015 PEC
Maximal TT:24 PED
Minimal TT:0.72 PED
Uses:155200 Total
Refines/PEC:66.67 Refines

Rictor Dorekk is the innovative mind behind this improved portable resource refiner. Inspired by the miner Bubba Backhammer, the shrewd Rictor put his hard working days as a miner behind him and started a business of his own. Somewhere in a small underground facility in the city of Hadesheim he's adjusted refiners for a living. Unfortunately his workshop was annihilated along with the rest of Hadesheim during a the War Titan Typhon impact, resulting in this class of refiners becoming quite rare.



This refiner was a possible reward from some events.

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