Estate Area: Omegaton Delta Complex
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Type:Apartment Complex
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These estates can be found in this Estate Area.

 Maria Mastermesh Mesh 03Edit
 DJ Elevate Angel 1AEdit
 Larry Compusmurf Wright 4aEdit
 Ami Trabin Trabin 4CEdit
 Pedro Rufwon Martinez 9CEdit
 Hac McLeod van Cah 9HEdit
 Aleph Levi Benzait 10AEdit
 Chip Chip Douglas 11FEdit
 Maria Mastermesh Mesh 15EEdit
 Maris EyeContact Driver 15GEdit
Elsalvador Microdot Majere 16FEdit

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These shops can be found in this Estate Area.

NameTypeOwnerItemsExpiration periodBlock#Found On
Athalantes ShopShopGarkham Garkham666 MorgSkull0Reset all itemsA3Planet Calypso
 GRoth's Fine & Happy Place to ShopShop Rothgar "GRoth" Goodnar0Reset all itemsB5Planet Calypso
 J.R.Segura's art galleryApartment Midian Dentilope Rifftak0Reset all itemsF8FPlanet Calypso
 Lady Lustreal's Emporium OC B1Shop Lady Lustreal Dremer0Reset all itemsB1Planet Calypso
 Maria's Melee BoothBooth Maria Mastermesh Mesh0Reset all itemsBooth3Planet Calypso
Maria's Melee MarketShop Maria Mastermesh Mesh0Reset all itemsA1Planet Calypso
 Mindforce Chip ShopShop George Ace Skywalker0Reset all itemsC6Planet Calypso
 Omegaton Alpha A2Shop Qetesh sidney Beautician0Reset all itemsA2Planet Calypso
 Omegaton Delta B2Shop Josh Crow Nenberg0Reset all itemsB2Planet Calypso
 Omegaton Delta Booth 1Booth norua norua cain0Reset all itemsBooth1Planet Calypso
 Omegaton Delta Booth 4Booth Albus Topodoco Zerdrob0Reset all itemsBooth4Planet Calypso
 Omegaton Delta C1Shop Wilma Zindy Zhark0Reset all itemsC1Planet Calypso
 Omegaton Delta C3Shop Fed Solo Soloteiev0Reset all itemsC3Planet Calypso
 Omegaton Delta C5Shop FOUNDER GOD GENESIS0Reset all itemsC5Planet Calypso
 SirEmi's Weapon ShopShop Emi Odyssey Sir0Reset all itemsA4Planet Calypso
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