DNA Samples
Available DNA Samples. These can be created by refining the right materials in a refiner. Showing 103 of 56 items.
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General InformationEconomySource
Allophyl DNA SamplesAllophyl030.1    Refined
Ambulimax DNA SamplesAmbulimax (Calypso)5    25013.00 PED 
Araneatrox DNA SamplesAraneatrox00    MA Only?
Argonaut DNA samplesArgonaut (Calypso)582.566.40250.01992.00 PED 
 Armax Bull DNA SamplesArmax Bull00    Refined
 Armax Cow DNA SamplesArmax Cow6014.3025.70179.7 Refined
Atrax DNA SamplesAtrax620.7620.7625.20121.4 Refined
Atrox DNA SamplesAtrox (Calypso)521.8121.8137.17170.41403.00 PEDRefined
 Beladoth DNA CartridgeBeladoth5030.5030.50100.0 Refined
 Beladoth Mutated DNA CartridgeMutated Beladoth60530.50730.50137.7 Refined
Berycled DNA SamplesBerycled5 19.3783.49431.0579.54 PEDRefined
 Bokol DNA CartridgeBokol5011.0011.00100.0 Refined
 Bokol Mutated DNA CartridgeMutated Bokol60311.00431.00138.6 Refined
Bristlehog DNA SamplesBristlehog0      
Caperon DNA SamplesCaperon0      
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