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NameRarityTrainingEnergy max pecEnergy ConsumptionExportableFound onRequired taming levelPet skillsInformation about aquire
 Blonde AndroidRareHard 14NoROCKtropia Pet and Taming Str.15 Aq.Level.20 
BoxerRareHard 217 lvlROCKtropia Acceleration Str.14 Aq.Level.24, Decrease Critical Damage Str.3 Aq.Level.21 
CooperEpicHard 17.5YesEntropia Universen/aDecrease Regenaration Str. 20 Aq. Level 11, Pet and Taming Str. 15 Aq. Level 14Found in Strongboxes
DhampyreRareHard 207 lvlROCKtropia Acceleration Str.12 Aq.Level.17, Decrease Critical Damage Str.5 Aq.Level.25Spawns after 10k warewofs in Biodome/RT (need [[info:item:antidote]] antidote to enter)
FidoLegendaryHard250018YesEntropia Universe0Decrease Critical Damage Str.2 Aq.Level.20From StrongBoxe
 Hacked K-1CommonHard 207ROCKtropia Pet and Taming Str.10 Aq.Level.14 
 Hacked K-2CommonHard 217ROCKtropia Pet and Taming Str.10 Aq.Level.14 
 Hacked K-3CommonHard 227ROCKtropia Pet and Taming Str.10 Aq.Level.14 
 Hacked K-4CommonHard 237ROCKtropia Pet and Taming Str.10 Aq.Level.14 
KittyCommonAverage90015YesEntropia Universen/aPet and Taming Str.10 Aq.Level.14Found in Strongboxes
Lui Tung PaiRareHard200016.5YesEntropia Universen/aIncrease Generation Str.15 Aq.Level.6, Pet and Taming Str.15 Aq.Level.20Found in Strongboxes
Mei Hua QuanUncommonAverage140015.1YesEntropia Universen/aPet and Taming Str.10 Aq.Level.14Found in Strongboxes
PantherCommonEasy400107 lvlROCKtropia3Pet and Taming Str.10 Aq.Level.14Rocktropia - Around Panta Ridge [136050, 82200]
RoverCommonAverage100016YesEntropia Universen/aPet and Taming Str.10 Aq.Level.14Found in Strongboxes
SashaLegendaryHard200014.5YesEntropia Universe Increase Generation Str.10 Aq.Level.7, Pet and Taming Str.15 Aq.Level.20 
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