Creature Level Names
The maturity levels of the creatures. Showing 1117 of 56 items.
Single Maturity Mob0Animal 
Adolescent0longtooth L4
Thief0Duhol on Toulan have this maturity
Fledgeling0Hiryuu have this maturity
Puny Air0Pleak @Cyrene
Pup0Phasm Pups are found in the Calypso Gateway, as from VU 12.7.2
Puny Water0Pleak @Cyrene
Cub0Daikiba have this maturity in the Calypso Gateway, as from VU 12.7.2
Highland0Puny maturity rank for a few creatures
Puny Earth0Pleak @Cyrene
Pygmy0Pet hogglo
Hatchling0Just-spawned offspring
Puny Fire0Pleak @Cyrene
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