Creature Maturity Level: Muluk-Hir Clan Warlord Elite
Specifications                  [Edit]
Maturity:Clan Warlord Elite
Health:20000 HP
Damage:164.8 HP
Damage/sec:54.9 Dmg/s
Damage Potential:Huge
Danger Level:105

This Muluk-Hir has been observed taking part in 'Eomon rituals' by scientists from the Colonial Xenobiological Institute.


As Eomon pheromone levels rise the mutants performing these rituals become increasingly aggressive. Tribe members from all three Mul species take part in the ritual together, which is the only known form of inter-species social activity exhibited by Mul mutants.


The ritual itself seems to be a kind of dance symbolizing the cyclic hunting of the Eomon. One hunter raises the skull of an Eomon above his head whilst the others dance in a circle around him, stabbing their spear points at the 'Eomon' (who feverishly ducks and weaves). The tempo of the dance slows and the 'Eomon' falls to the ground. The hunters bow their heads as earth is heaped upon the skull, which is then raised and handed to the next Mul hunter. The dance is repeated until all the hunters have acted the part of the Eomon.

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